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Modern Medicine Isn't Built to Support Your Fertility.


Hello, I'm Olivia...

a fertility empowerment advocate, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner and Functional Fertility Dietitian. I am the wife of an adventurous rock-climbing husband, mother to two beautiful kiddos, lover of eggs and butter, and your concierge fertility coach. My team of experts helps you find root-cause solutions so you can feel empowered and confident on your journey to meet your baby.


Our Proprietary
Fertility Unlocked Program

"Find what is stressing your hormones and unlock your fertility."

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Clarify Your Story

Clarify which root cause(s) are behind fertility struggles, streamline supplements, order labs without the stress of convincing your doctor, and demystify what it means to eat for your fertility. 


Rebuild Your Foundation

Replete what these past few decades have taken from you with advanced functional medicine protocols, customize for your unique hormone needs, and see progress in your root causes in real time.


Unlock Your Fertility

Find your flow and feel confident, empowered, and flat-out badass knowing that your day-to-day life is actively getting you closer to your baby. No more thinking "I wish I knew that before" or "does any of this even matter?"

Family Planning
Family Planning

"As a therapist, former eating disorder sufferer, and infertility/loss veteran, I find your approach to fertility brilliant and a breath of fresh air (understatement)... You are sparking a revolution... women deserve to be well, not just successful at reproduction."

-Rachel (now a mamma of two Your Fertility.Your Future babies)

I. Clarify Your Story | Fertility Masterclass

It seems too simple, yet, most trying-to-conceive (TTC) couples get gaslight and easily persuaded into invasive and expensive treatments from their doctors because of gaps in foundational knowledge every single couple should know. Get your fertility assessment from your first root cause quiz, get intimately familiar with your body's fertility signs, begin tracking hormones at home, and learn how to best time sex based on "optimal" sperm parameters.

II. Clarify Your Story | Streamline Your Energy

Waste no time is demystifying and owning two of the most confusing parts of a fertility journey: interpreting your labs and understanding your nutrition needs AKA "what the heck can/do I eat?!" Get your hands on your very own Fertility Lab and Interpretation guide that single-handedly puts you back in control of your journey by breaking down the "normal" vs. OPTIMAL lab values for fertility plus gain access to our Labshop where you can order any labs you want or need without stepping foot in your doctor's office. And finally put a stop to all of the "eat-this-not-that" nonsense on social media and feel confident that you are fueling your unique fertility needs properly.

III. Clarify Your Story | Acknowledge Stress

Modern day life stress is a different beast and most of us think we have tamed it... but your fertility potential is the lie detector test.  When constantly challenged with physical, emotional, chemical, technological, and physiological stressors, male and female fertility takes a back seat to these real and even perceived threats. When your stress capacity is strained, even "healthy" habits can keep your body stuck in "no place for a baby" mode. You may feel like you are handling the constant stress of life's load, but is your nervous system? 

Clarify Your Story Outcome: No more outsourcing your health to the "experts" that take a surface approach. YOU intuitively know what's best for your fertility, you were just never taught how to clarify the story your body was telling you. Begin advanced functional medicine protocols to support the TAG axis (thyroid, adrenal, gut) to address your unique root cause stressors and move forward with a streamlined plan forward to rebuild your foundation.

I. Rebuild Your Foundation | Rebuild Systems

If your body doesn't have the nutrients it needs, your adrenals are constantly in pedal-to-the-medal mode, and your gut is a stream of chronic inflammation, your fertility will definitely not be where your body chooses to spend its resources and energy. But when we turn the ship around and replete those struggling systems, the body can actually place its focus and resources on taking on the energy intensive task of getting and staying pregnant - AKA "welcome baby" mode.

II. Rebuild Your Foundation | Replete Fertility Potential

Actually understand how to functionally approach your most important root causes behind fertility struggles and how to troubleshoot them ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Once these systems are ​ properly supported, fertility processes can operate much differently than before. This critical turning point is all about customization: bring in the next layer of providing exactly what your hormones are looking for. 

Rebuild Your Fertility Outcome: No more general "healthy" fertility recommendations or gathering snippets of partially true information from random social media posts. Actually understand what targeted minerals, phytonutrients, and chemical compounds are needed for your unique hormones. Feel what it's like to have your very own functional medicine provider in your back pocket.

I. Unlock Your Fertility | Stress Strategy

It takes a minimum of three months to change the quality of egg and sperm that will become your baby. Feel confident in your strategy that you are taking to heal your root causes stressors to get in "welcome baby" mode. Put the finishing touches on your foundational protocols to finally unlock your fertility potential.

II. Unlock Your Fertility | Claim Your Power

You have a life to live outside of TTC. Your fertility efforts should honor your lifestyle and vice versa. As you come into Claim Your Power, you are invited to step out of the old all-consuming and overwhelming vacuum that a TTC journey can become and step into your new fertility lifestyle that is empowering and encouraging. It is possible. We are here to walk you through every step of it.


III. Unlock Your Fertility | Forward Momentum

Whether you have reached where you desire to be on your journey (with or without that positive pregnancy test) or not, continuing Forward Momentum is invaluable. Walk through potential next steps by marrying the two worlds of Functional AND Conventional Fertility approaches. Often seen as opposites, these two systems actually work in great harmony to bring you the best of both worlds when you know how to navigate them and advocate for yourself properly. Get an in-depth overview of tests, procedures, and even a whole insight into the different IVF options that you may want or need to take at this point, whether right now or later down the road. Check in with yourself, your partner, your womb, and see what truly honors you.

Unlock Your Fertility Outcome: There is no magic solution to guarantee a positive pregnancy test for everyone, but what we can guarantee is that you feel empowered, confident, and not victim to a stressful "out of your control" fertility experience. Instead, feel secure that you are putting your energy in the right places each and everyday as you get closer to your baby.

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